Tripwire Interactive’s game “Maneater” is Coming Soon!


Maneater is the single-player RPG game that will release soon this year. Fans are very excited to watch this game which is offering a lot of new content. Well, rumours are all around, and we gathered all the latest updates regarding the game. Let’s dive into it.

Blindside Interactive is the developer of the game and  Tripwire Interactive published it. Latest updates are saying that there will be extremely fun to play and will spend countless hours on it.

I hope you all will be familiar with the name of Tripwire ,Interactive which is a prominent name in the game industry and has produced many FPS games. Therefore it is confirmed that we will see RPG genre in the upcoming game.

Features of Maneater

  • The game is coming with following new features
  • Player become a maneater and explore a massive open world
  • A tale of revenge and in-depth stats and role-playing
  • Experienced team

Release date of Maneater

The game has officially announced, and the game will come on 22nd May 2020 for PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.


The first time Maneater revealed in 2018. Now according to the official synopsis, the games is set the in the Gulf Coast waters which will bring ever wanting imagination of roaming the seas like a king and chomping through human and other creatures. Bull Shark will play the role as the giant and the motto of the game will be “Kill or be killed.”

There are a lot of dangers in the open water and to survive player use jaws and wits as allies. Characters will evolve as it feeds that will be a huge boost down the line.

The game will have boss fights, a day-night cycle and skill trees that have to unlock to progress. Moreover, Maneater will feature a fisherman whose name Scaly Pete.

The fisherman is a self-proclaimed the best fisherman in the Gulf Coast and ha deep history with the shark protagonist. Pete killed the mother of the protagonist and traumatized the bull shark in younger days.

Chris Parnell’s voice is included in some of the narrated scenes of the game. Maneaters world is divided into seven regions where you will able to jump high up in the air to catch the next level.

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