Some Easy Ways To Quickly Improve Your Health And Fitness?


I’m going to give you a great solution, without needing the gym (as I’m assuming most of us are in lockdown and hopefully can use the great outdoors). This way to exercise is challenging, and there is nothing easy about that at all. Unfortunately, you will never find an easy way to improve anything. It takes little steps on a daily basis to make it happen.

You may not know how fantastic sprints are for both fat loss, muscle building, and improving your fitness levels. You get so many positive health benefits than the effort required to do these. You may like to hear that only 20 minutes per session is needed in order to gain these benefits. When it comes to sprinting then less is more.

Sprinting is mentally challenging due to the stress it causes, but it’s well worth the effort if you want something that fasts and effective (but you can’t have easy!)

What you can gain from sprints is better heart and lung health, improved circulation, better cognition, improved metabolism, and develop a slim physique. Everyone who can most definitely implement some sprint training if they want to lose body fat or increase their fitness.

6 Reasons why sprinting is a fantastic choice for health, fitness & fat loss

Below I will tell you some key reasons why everyone should try to incorporate sprint training in their training regime.

Sprint Training Works Fast For Fat Loss

A previous study shows that just 6 sprint sessions of six 30 second all-out cycle sprints with four minutes rest over two weeks. It will lead to a leaner waist by 3cm and much greater use of fat for fuel.

For some men, the decrease in body weight may not become evident over a short period because sprints will trigger muscle building as they start burning fat. Shrinking of the waistline happens a lot more dramatically when they keep training for a few months.

This is possibly the best result you can get with fat loss, in the shortest amount of time.

You Can Build Muscle

With sprinting, you will increase your power, strength, and size all at once. Studies show that sprint enhances protein synthesis’s pathways by as much as 230 percent! What a fantastic feature this is true! This will only happen of course with the proper nutrition and recovery.

Increase in Your Endurance and Capacity

Sprints require the entire body to burn fat for fuel, whilst preserving muscle glycogen and prolonging work capacity. You will also increase your power and speed, by targeting those fast-twitch muscle fibers. This leads to even faster running or cycling speeds.

Improves Your Insulin Sensitivity

Alternate bursts of exercise followed by rest periods improves your insulin sensitivity and blood sugar tolerance. This is mainly because sprints decrease chronic inflammation and partly because cells must adapt, to efficiently produce energy to keep you going.

Lung Function Improvement and Conditioning

Sprint training far surpasses aerobic exercise when it comes to lung function. This makes it so much easier to run upstairs (or run to catch your means for public transport)

Saves You Hours of Time And Builds Your Capacity for Mental Toughness

Because sprinting needs to be done in such a short amount of time, you can’t keep up with that level of intensity for longer than 20 minutes. Sprints are also tough, and they hurt (especially the next couple of days!) There will be moments when sprinting that doubt in your ability to finish the time creeps in. This is all a mind game (much the same as weight training) and you must keep going and never give in! It’s a great way to build self-belief.


First of all, I do hope you can attempt sprint training. Perhaps if you are allowed, get to a park when no one is around and attempt to sprint for your 20 minutes. Go all out, and give it all that you can. It will be well worth the results you get.

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