How Do You Exfoliate Your Face? Get The Guide Here!


It is better for combining exfoliation and skin bleaching. I know what you are thinking – this is too harsh for the sensitive skin of the face, this can’t be good, etc. But before jumping into conclusions, let me explain something that will clear the queries in your mind.

For this, you need only 2 ingredients for both exfoliating and bleaching your face. Moreover, both ingredients are purely natural and easy to find.


  • Rice Powder
  • Water


The two ingredients are mixed together until you obtain a creamy substance. Rice powder (or rice flour) can be prepared by blending some rice. However, you can get accurate strength by using the highest setting of your blender or kitchen robot. Because of smaller the rice particles, the gentler the exfoliation.

So, after mixing the rice powder with the water, all you need to do is to apply the mixture to the entire face. You can even cover the under-eye areas in case you have dark circles. You may know that rice powder has a strong bleaching effect and will make dark circles less visible.


The mask is super effective if you have uneven skin tone and texture, acne scars, dark spots, etc. After doing that you can see the difference after the first time you apply the mask.

As for the exfoliating effect – you can choose between wet and dry exfoliation. After applying the rice powder mask to your facial skin, just leave it for as long as possible. One or two hours will certainly help your skin become brighter and more radiant, but I personally prefer sleeping with the mask applied to my face. It’s not very comfortable though.

Anyway, when you decide it’s time to remove the mask from your face, just wash it off with cool water, massaging the facial skin in a circular motion. The same procedure can be performed without using water. You’ll see the small particles flaking off the skin and uncovering a fresher-looking appearance.

The mask is great for people struggling with skin imperfections of all kinds. It is absolutely harmless and the effect is visible even after the initial application. I was super impressed when I first tried it and usually apply to my face 1–2 times a week.

Another very successful exfoliation method is microdermabrasion – if you have your own machine. It penetrates deeply into the skin, offering more dramatic changes. Yet the procedure is 100% safe. However, the same procedure can be also performed at beauty salons but, in my opinion, it’s too expensive and time-consuming.

Final Words

However, for better results, it is good to use twice in a month, as it removes dead skin and dirt particles while opening the pores. Once a month is perfectly enough for me, others prefer having a session per week. It depends on the skin’s capacity to regenerate.

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